Homes my clients rented

Homes my clients rented

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meaningful Amenities : Smoke-Free Apartments

The momentum in South Florida for smoke free apartments burned out. It was a buzzing topic that gained popularity in mid 2005 and seemed to have had the ears of local industry leadership. But in the fog of the condo boom there were more pressing issues to address, leaving the potential for smoke free apartments to newly formed condo boards.

Three years later. . . and boy how times have changed, property managers in South Florida are performing awe inspiring maneuvers to keep the influx of mortgage refugee residents happy and ultimately retained, but only the most meaningful amenities will make the difference.

According to a survey about smoke-free apartments conducted by the California Apartment Association it may be an issue important enough to spark renewed interest in South Florida.

The Survey Results:

• 69% of renters favored regulations requiring
all apartment buildings to offer
non-smoking sections, where all the
apartments, patios, and balconies
in that section were non-smoking.

• 39% of renters would prefer to live in a
building where smoking is not
allowed anywhere.

• 46% of renters experience secondhand smoke
drifting into their own apartment.

• 70% of survey respondents believed
a tenant should be evicted for
repeated violations of smoking prohibitions
in a lease